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City MBA massage

Companies looking to recruit young managers should be head-hunting in Mumbai and Calcutta first, a survey says while making the “eye-opening” revelation that less than a fourth of the country’s B-school graduates are employable.

MeritTrac Services, India’s largest skills assessment company, has found MBA graduates from Calcutta the second-best in quality after those from Mumbai.

The budding managers from Calcutta put up “consistent performance across various tests”, says the study that sampled 800-odd graduates from 55 B-schools across six cities.

Delhi came third, followed by Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. The graduates from Delhi put up an “indifferent performance”, the survey says, adding that the national capital leads in sheer numbers, being the “biggest contributor to the fresh talent pool” in India.

The study, which tested graduates on “abilities” and “communication skills”, however, paints a dismal picture of the overall quality.

The findings complement those of a recent Univers…