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"Its Our Time now..."

Vivek Upadhyay, MBA 10

Defining India
A dreamland with peace and brotherhood ingrained in all the souls, where sentiments, human emotions and relations carry meaning and are prioritized; where sufferers, indigent and benefited are always helped. We all walk hand-in-hand and face all troubles happily and boldly. This is what actually our nation is.

We hold in our hands the destiny of our motherland. The dream of a united India which is recognized respected and admired by the whole world. The picture of the nation defined as above was the vision and a sweet dream in the eyes of those great freedom fighters, the people who sacrificed their lives just for the cause of the nation and for us ‘the youth of present’. We, The Young generation, the present countrymen must be ashamed of ourselves as we have failed miserably on fulfilling the dreams of those great souls. In my opinion we have ruined our nation and destroyed their dreams which they had seen and cherished for us. I think we haven’t lived up to their expectations.

My dear friends, please broaden your views and scope of thinking. Take up the responsibility of the nation; think about the nation, the aspirations and sufferings of the lower strata of society.

Please wake up, arouse your souls, and don’t be dead and stop taking up limited aims in your lives at personal levels. Its is our own responsibility not only to nourish our own lives but also make an effort of making India a better place to live in.

We have to go a long way for cherishing those beautiful dreams and vision of peaceful and united India.

Let the REVOLUTION begin


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Picture Credits: Prasoon Rana


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