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The Rising Economies of China, India And Russia

(A report on interaction with Mr. Guninder Sandhu of MBA07, currently working on Indo China project with E J McKay & Co. inc., while he came down to AIM campus on 9th July 2006. Currently he is based in Shanghai.)

The report provides an insight of industrial and financial growth of major budding economies –China, India and Russia.

For the past decade, China and India have grabbed sizeable portion of global market investments and have positioned themselves on the missile of perpetual economic rise. China (which has a competitive edge over India) has the best industries and is also rated as the best business economy. China has greater number of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which adhere to changeable regulations.

Chinese economy is dependent on exports whereas the Indian economy relies entirely on the service sector .In China 35% of population is engaged in production sector .The MNCs are sprouting in China despite linguistic barriers on account of labour flexible laws and liberal fiscal policies. Foreign banks have a share of 23% in Chinese domestic banks but in India the financial situation of the banks is not quite consolidated as they offer a meager 10 % share. In order to surpass China, India should concretely renovate and revitalise its manufacturing sector for result-oriented outcomes and a long term sustenance.

Written by K Usha, MBA 10. She loves to write poems and very soon I will be publishing some of her writtings here in the blog. Do send your best wishes to her at -

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