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Online brands like Yahoo! Amazon, AOL and eBay, are well known all over the world. Thy have created new needs and new brands platform with global application. Thy can communicate simultaneously with users worldwide. The internet has introduced the global population to cultural influences and has opened the gates for global culture. It has introduced the concept of e-brand and it has been recognized and employed as an efficient channel among various media for branding. Brand recognition is the key to reinforcing a corporate image and developing the loyalty of the target market. In this era branding process is not complete unless a company has extended the branding platform to internet.

The internet makes company global. It has eliminated the boundaries between the real and virtual world. A web site of a company can be viewed throughout the world via internet. A web site is an international medium. It is accessible to anyone and everyone in the world looking for specific information on internet. A web site addressing international clients’ needs to put across information sterilized from local pointers, accents and references and contact details. It is a 24 hour marketing medium. One well designed and focused can bring possible customers and investor through the site. There is no need to spend costly affair. There should be seamless integration from print media branding to the digital media. Consistency of logo, applications of logo, color schemes, content, flavour content, brand message etc. is a must for e-branding.

A good web site through proper planning can retain the same spontaneity details, as a printed brochure would have. Branding on internet can be multimedia experience in terms of Audio/Video and text content. With the advent of Broadband internet across the world, dynamic video content on the web makes it more attractive. Communication of core brand offerings is much easier than in any other medium, across the globe. So e-branding becomes a vital element of the branding plan.

E- Branding is a major component n branding strategy for the companies looking at international markets.

According to a 19999 Intemarket Group survey marketers continue to rely heavily on traditional brand building investments, including print, TV and radio ads, 55 percent of e-commerce sites report investment in newspaper ads, 54 percent in magazine ads, 35 percent in radio and TV ads and 35 percent in print catalogs. By contrast it says “sponsorship on other sites” is a powerful mechanism for reaching nearly 20 percent of customers who find few sites ia “random surfing” and roughly equivalent to the affiliate networks. Successful marketers never ignore the web try to reach out to and connect with their web0savvy customers. Online marketers have to carefully plan and manage programs that give them broad reach of links on effective and brand-positive means of acquiring better relation with the existing ones. A range of strategies such as customer relationship email, corporate email, newsletter, and permission networks sponsored independent loyalty can be build by personalized services. Personalization is the essence of experimental branding.

The quality of customer service and support is very important for any brand, customer expectations for online service present many challenges such s managing a lot of customer expectations for online service present many challenges such as managing a lot of customer email inquiries and enabling efficient self-service knowledgebase. With the proper allocation of resources and systematic planning, companies can deliver quality customer service more efficiently online and companies that disappoint user expectations can damage their online rand equity.


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