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AIM Mapia - Map AIM in Wikimapia

About WikiMapia
WikiMapia is a project to describe the whole planet Earth.

How to use
Just move the map to find interesting places, click on rectangles. To add an interesting place or object use Add New link. Note: Please only add places interesting to everyone.

Who are Wikimapia
Wikimapia was created by Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev, inspired by Google maps and Wikipedia.

Find out more about AIM in Wikimapia (just Click) :
-- AIM-Mapia
--Click on rectangular box and show info.
--If you click and drag up, you'll find GP and Chaiwala
--Similarly you can map whole new world @

Foundation day

Students of AIM presented a small programme on the occassion of 10th Foundation day. Here are some of the clips from the celebration.

Faculty members, Registrar, Director and other staff members

Pooja Ray, Yogita Kanpal, Ankita Seera, Madhavi Mohan, Roma Gowardhan, Bhavna Panigrahi (from left)

Group Dance presented by MBA 10 girls : Pooja Ray, Yogita Kanpal, Ankita Seera, Madhavi Mohan, Roma Gowardhan, Bhavna Panigrahi (from left)

A musical show by MBA 10 students : Rajat Kaushal on Guitar, Abhinav Dasgupta, Deepshikha Basu, Manonita Bhattacharya, Swati Dhar (on Synthesizer), Radha Das, Shruti Bhargava, Ankita Seehra, and Ravi Chatterjee (from left)

Ira Pathaniya, Jitendra Upadhaya, Raj Mohan Panday

Jitendra Upadhaya and Raj Mohan Panday

A small skit (based on corruption) : Jitendra Kumar Upadhaya, Ira Pathaniya, VJ and Raj Mohan Panday (from left) and Kanika Gupta (voice on phone)

MBA 10

Celebrate 10 AIM

Thats today. I wish him a happy birthday. I've found some music that pleases him greatly today. I've splurged a little bit with photoshop and Swish and created some images and small videos. oh holy day; lets celebrate.

Hurrey, we are entering into 10th year of success. Soon I will be back with the pics of the today's celebration.

Venue : LH3.
Time : 12 noon.

Managerial brigade !!

On July 26, 2006 Business Standard published following article on AIM -

Links -

1) Business Standard 1
1) Business Standard 2

Managerial brigade
Pradipta Mukherjee / Kolkata July 26, 2006

B-SCHOOL: The Army Institute of Management in Kolkata is attracting the big boys of India Inc.

Living out of a suitcase and exposure to different types of experiences and new places every other year, does make managers more flexible, more open to take on new challenges and ready to work in any place. This is what K K Choudhuri, director of Army Institute of Management at Kolkata (AIMK) is convinced of.

“Army wards are used to shuttling between one city and another right from junior school. So by the time they start looking for a job, it doesn’t matter where they get posted,” says Chaudhuri.

This is the reason why they make competent managers and have the ability to adjust to any work situation, adds Choudhuri.

AIMK, established in July 1997 and affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) and …

Computers in business - a Beginners approach

Modern businesses are constantly in need of new kinds of information to stay competitive and profitable. Often, they turn to computers to deliver this information. However, computers are generalists. They can be used in all kinds of different ways to serve the information needs of business people. These can be listed as below:

1. STRING AND ORGANISING INFORMATION: Storing and organizing data is the central purpose of a database and computers are used most commonly for that. So, the types of data are growing rapidly. For e.g. If we consider a typical video rental store we find that all those movies can be digitalized and stored in a database. Therefore, in the near future we will be able to turn on our television (which will be equipped with a computer) and download the move we want to watch from a database.2. SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION: Computers help the decision makers find relevant data buried in large collections of irrelevant data. Once, a set of data has been collected and stored …


Online brands like Yahoo! Amazon, AOL and eBay, are well known all over the world. Thy have created new needs and new brands platform with global application. Thy can communicate simultaneously with users worldwide. The internet has introduced the global population to cultural influences and has opened the gates for global culture. It has introduced the concept of e-brand and it has been recognized and employed as an efficient channel among various media for branding. Brand recognition is the key to reinforcing a corporate image and developing the loyalty of the target market. In this era branding process is not complete unless a company has extended the branding platform to internet. The internet makes company global. It has eliminated the boundaries between the real and virtual world. A web site of a company can be viewed throughout the world via internet. A web site is an international medium. It is accessible to anyone and everyone in the world looking for specific information on…

First Impression MBA 10

Induction Ceremony of MBA 10

MBA 10 with the Faculty and other staff members in LH2(renovated)

I Want you for AIM !!

Hi to all,

I need Admins from each batch. In other words a representative from each batch. Admins can help us maintain the Alumni map - .

If the alumni map is updated our system will be able to choose the dense zones for zonal groups.

I will give our admins all possible powers. This forum is for all of us and should be controlled by representatives. This will allow the admins to send group wise emails. When I was away for vacation, all the admins did fabulous job with administration. I think much well than what I could have done. Let’s follow the right path then, why to restrict the powers to only few.

So please volunteer, please mail me at

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