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Farewell bhi chala gaya. That was the time hurdle I had set when I would start studying for my exams, lekin nahi !

The farewell was nice with the special touch of all the juniors dressed in a code. Very impressive.
This semester I don think people are in that great a mood to sctually slog and struggle. Ho jayega !

It is early morning right now and its not that I am an early riser, I havent slept. Been on the net and watched 4 movies all night. Has been fun and 2 movies are still due. God! I wish I had ever spoken like this about my syllabus. I would have been somewhere else.

Well kids time for social message to thr youth

" Jab padna tha tab nahi pada, pahunch gaye ho AIM,
ab padai kar ke chamatkar ka intezaar
hai bahut door ka game"



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