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Varad your "INDIA FUTURE & GREAT HELP" posts are shifted to Page 3 , please don't mind, coz life @ AIM is only for posts related to life @ AIM(u can think of it) rest of the gossips and other topics can be posted at page3 for that u need an invitation, u can contact Narendra for that.

Farewell Party !

On the eve of 22 april 2006, MBA 9 gave farewell to us (MBA 8 & MCA 5)..... the theme was protagonist which means we had to dressed in renowned characters like Akbar, Zorro, Alexander etc...There are more than 800 pictures plus videos which I can't put each of them here so I've selected some unique snapz of our farewell, also I would like to thank MBA 9 for such a rocking night and the title which they had given to me which was "Multitalented - Karate Kid, Computer Wiz, Sportsman plus Dancer" I know It is pretty big..

And the Awards Goes to (Best Costume awards) Hanuman (Shiv Bhawani Singh Pathania) Alexander The Great (Me) Akbar The Great (Anush Sachdev) Ahsoka The Great And Cruela (Santosh Kumar Jena & Shweta Awasthi)
Bhaskar Kadian handed over the 'Golf Stick' to Subhodeep Paul of MBA 9 and Shuchi Monga was named the 'Stud Student of the Institute(SSI)' by Nadeem Mohammed.

Anil Kumar and Shweta Awasthi were crowned Mr and Miss AIM respectively and…

Woh College ki Kashti.........

Yeh degree bhi lelo ye naukari bhi lelo
Bhale Chheen lelo mujhse USA ka Visa
magar mujhko lauta do college ka canteen
vo chaay ka pani vo teekha samosaa

College ki sabse purani nishaanee
vo chaayvaalaa jise saare kehte the... jaani
vo jaani ke hathon ki 'cutting' chaay meethee
vo chupkese journal mein bheji hui chitthi
vo padhte hi chiththi uska bhadakna
vo chehre ki laali vo aankhon ka gussaa...

Kadi dhoop mein apne ghar se nikalnaa
vo project ki Khatir shahar bhar bhataknaa
vo lecture mein doston ki proxy lagaanaa
vo sir ko chidhanaa , vo aeroplane udaanaa
vo submission ki raton ko jagnaa jagaanaa
vo orals ki kahani vo practical ka kissaa....

Bimaari ka detention ke time bahanaa
vo doosron ke assignments ko apnaa banaanaa
vo seminar ke din pairon ka chhatpatanaa
vo workshop mein din raat pasinaa bahanaa
vo exam ke din ka bechain maahaul
par vo maa ka vishvas - Teacher ka Bharosaa...

College ki wo lambi si raatein
vo *** se dinner ke bad pyaari si baatein
vo gathering ke din ka ladnaa Jhagadnaa
vo la…

Can a mailbox exceed its 100% storage limit?

Have a look on this pic. Under what circumstances the mail box storage quota is showing 132% full. Recently it happend with Rawat sir (Manoj Singh Rawat MCA 5) on his email account. Give me a wild guess? First 10 people with correct answers will be rewarded nothing.(ha ha ha).

To enlarge the pic Open it in new window by right clicking on it and select open in new window

Tata Merit Scholarships 2004-05

The following students have been awarded Tata Merit Sholarship for the year 2004-05.

Batch MBA-7

1.Neha Kushwaha
2.Sahiba IP Singh

Batch MBA-8

1.Amanbir Kaur Randhawa
2.Abha Anil Kumar Thakur

Batch MCA-4

1.Deepak Kumar Tripathi
2.Sameer Singh

Batch MCA-5

1.Rahul Gupta
2.Kumar Gaurav Lal

The scholarship was awarded on 28th of Apr and two students both from MBA 8 were present.

The first ranker will get an amount of Rs20000/- and the second ranker will get an amount of Rs10000/-.

Serious Problem

Racism, even in the animal kingdom.



Farewell bhi chala gaya. That was the time hurdle I had set when I would start studying for my exams, lekin nahi !

The farewell was nice with the special touch of all the juniors dressed in a code. Very impressive.
This semester I don think people are in that great a mood to sctually slog and struggle. Ho jayega !

It is early morning right now and its not that I am an early riser, I havent slept. Been on the net and watched 4 movies all night. Has been fun and 2 movies are still due. God! I wish I had ever spoken like this about my syllabus. I would have been somewhere else.

Well kids time for social message to thr youth

" Jab padna tha tab nahi pada, pahunch gaye ho AIM,
ab padai kar ke chamatkar ka intezaar
hai bahut door ka game"


Farewell Day aaaya re aaya

Dear Mam/Sir (MBA 8),

On behalf of MBA-09 I take this opportunity to invite all of you for a rocking night at our very own LH2.

Let’s remember the days gone by together with nostalgia the essence of the evening.

This 22nd AIM rocks to new tunes. Hope to see all of you there.

Yours sincerely
Abhishek Singh

Poster Designed by-
With warm Regards
Narendra Kumar Singh