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Success of 1st event of new council "DRISHTIKON 2006"

Dearest Alumni,

Here i have some good news for our alumni that we as a new council feel proud that we have made our first event successful. The whole event was a joint effort of us and some guidance form our faculty members.

All the three panelist which was mentioned by Anushree in earlier mail were the excellent speaker. Their speach was enlighting form i think so but it was bit boring because as usual most of them were just listening as it may remind ur AIM days probably.

You might not be intrested in the proceedings of the event but i m putting them for the as the essential part of the event which were as follows:

All the three panelist were welcomed by Director Sir, Dr. K. K. Choudhuri. Then every thing was hosted by Navjit Kaur, Secretary Student affiars. Thereafter Amit Rana gave a small presentation on The Budget (Finance Bill). Hence the discussion was started.

Mr. Udayan Ray, Director (Finance), NICCO was the moderator spoke first thereafter Mr. Prodipto Banerjea, Exe. VP, Finance, ITC and Mr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, Capital Market Analyst. All the three panelist said the folowing points common:
1. the Budget is moderate and have the mix reaction form the market.
2. the budget is for attracting the foreign FDI's and investors for the building up of infrastucture for the takeoff of economy.
3. As market is booming which means that the budget is in favour of the market.

Also they spoke on many topics like social security, taxes, Tax to GDP ratio, stocks, agriculture and widening of gap between poor and rich & many more.

Finally, do wish ur college's present council all the best and we hope to meet the standards set by our seniors last year and above all make our alumni proud.

Thanking You,
Anusree and Naveen
Alumni Coordinators

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