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Nimc Times Part - III Gurgaon Chapter

Venue: Avon Tandoors, Gurgaon Date: 24-3-06

MBA 4 - Saket Prabhakar, MCA 2 - Nishat Mohommad, MCA 4 - Akshay Chikara, Adarsh Brar, MBA 6 - Vijay Sheron, MCA 5 - Jaggi, Suyal, Kharbanda

The Moments:

If only you had come from Pune crying "Jab mein na…pune se aya than na…", knew about nostalgic legends that would create history or were you aware of his presence on Alumni days…Saket Prabhakar, someone grateful to start off with attendance for BBC sessions. Accompanied by Suyal and Kharbanda, who were receieved by the PCQuest future editor-in-c, Jaggi (Java). Fun thrilled, open aired, comesome 'cas that's something that builds up for the total show of it all….Soon came in Chiku (as we called him), the super lovely tuodda Brar and the life threatening Sheoran, for whom everything was less and screwing was the best. And did Sheoran came hugging to Saket Sir as he first did in TGIF, Priyas….And soon started off what you would all happen to believe, the HIGH spirits of our well being, Chiku~~Kharbanda PLC talks, Jaggi~~Sheoran crusades, "Kaise hai tu" re-iteration, and the evergreen fables of the same lovely place. And not late came the global impact, Nishu Sir (as they called him)
and the table started trembling soon enough for which giddiness and ecstasy had taken their tolls. Sheoran took the better off on the Raseele hooth and Jaggi backtracked about him not complaining to Chako….lol…'cas when it comes to "Ho payega boss" or "khel ja" will you be a position to define it correct…Picture these…

Sheoran was sitting with Nishat and Bhuppi in the evening, just when they started having Vodka and soon they saw the Warden coming right towards them…sand started staring at them…they said..Sheoran -->" maam aap aa gaye??" she said…" Khusboo to bahut achhi aa rahi hai"…Sheoran -->" maam pani hi pee rahen hain"…She said…" Mere naak to kuch aur hi bata rahi hai". Nishat said..."Mam aapki naak hai to thik hi bata rahi hogi" lol…they went and Warden stared and said ----" Fluffy Lets go"

And the famous "My Balls" episode. Vivek Talik(title so coz he was always found high), Khera and few others were smoking away to glory next to lockers. Chako came out of the mess entrance next to LH2 and that very moment the drag was passed to Malik, cacko saw him smoking and cried out loud "Bloody Disgusting my balls"…and saying "Do you think I'm a bastard" Malik, Khera and gang started laughing...chacko left without saying any other

Playing basketball at night 0200 hrs...after heavy drinking...the only thing was that the basketball was personal...and not of the college…and came wardy and told us not to shout so much...and play quietly...After that Sheoran asked for a pass from sethi...instead of giving a pass..he went solo and missed the basket..he went directly to sethi and shouted loud....f***** why didn’t u give me that pass..he said i never heard you ..or even saw u shouting…he said....don’t u know i don’t refuse to whatever maam says.. she said play he said that softly.. she told the chowkidaar to get the ball.., just then Brar told the chowkidar to piss off as that was a personal basketball...warden asked the chowkidar ..didn’t you hear me...what i just said...unki kyyon sun rahen ho...mein kya bol rahin tum ko samagh mein nahin aa raha…Brar said...mein tere ley loonga dada agar tune ball ko haath lagaya to…all laughing away to

And the common prank…when we used to have those official gathering with red carpet and those directions for different places...Sheoran and cafu always used to point that toilet direction next to CR2..towards Chako's

And as we left while taking caring of the HIGH spirited Jaggi, not to mention of his annotations, as he said using EJB and his U-turns on the way home, was I being directed by someone who was everytime trying to overpower…lol…and we being followed by Saket Sir and Brar…and then Brar had to eventually come and get hold of Jaggi in the rear…and as Jaggi called us to move towards Kiddherpore…lol…and as we reached Nishat Sir’s place…where Jaggi was finally put to rest by Nishat Sir kissing him goodnight…as he broke down to sleep well…oh hell of a time….!

And yes, as for Saket Sir...he’s yet to learn about such demo type nimcians
Super Lovely!
[with inputs by Sheoran]

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