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Nimc Times Part - III Gurgaon Chapter

Venue: Avon Tandoors, Gurgaon Date: 24-3-06

MBA 4 - Saket Prabhakar, MCA 2 - Nishat Mohommad, MCA 4 - Akshay Chikara, Adarsh Brar, MBA 6 - Vijay Sheron, MCA 5 - Jaggi, Suyal, Kharbanda

The Moments:

If only you had come from Pune crying "Jab mein na…pune se aya than na…", knew about nostalgic legends that would create history or were you aware of his presence on Alumni days…Saket Prabhakar, someone grateful to start off with attendance for BBC sessions. Accompanied by Suyal and Kharbanda, who were receieved by the PCQuest future editor-in-c, Jaggi (Java). Fun thrilled, open aired, comesome 'cas that's something that builds up for the total show of it all….Soon came in Chiku (as we called him), the super lovely tuodda Brar and the life threatening Sheoran, for whom everything was less and screwing was the best. And did Sheoran came hugging to Saket Sir as he first did in TGIF, Priyas….And soon started off what you would all happen to believe, the HIGH spirits of …

The NIMC Times – Part 2

The NIMC Times – Part 2 Just past dawn the cellular jail…
the sun stands with its heavy red head…in a black stanchion of banyan trees…
A long day in green pastures where I too spent my days grazing…
Hosting and feasting on every green moment.
But as its eleven and the darkness calls…calls to one and others reply…
With whistles by one and others on the learn…
I walk away into the Panchuri's night,
Swinging the little tin bell of my name... So much takes place in no span; and much of it comes to you from next door. Even walls had ears and this is how it spread, in a small world where small wonders cropped. So much to chatter and gossip about, even days were short and nights long. But once each day will give rise to thoughts that’ll deter you not to be a member of the forlorn and the dejected stand, FOSLA ! And like every year, Holi taking its own stake with its brown colour, after breakfast on BBC, and then with sludge and mud enjoying the pranks at the Hard Rock and sure you would recogni…

Happy Holi (Snaps of Holi 2005)

AIM Counter Strike Tournament - Final Results

Final Results AIM Counter Strike Tournament
Death Row Won the battle by crushing Ghatak Battle Score : 13 - 6Frags = Killings Results are - Death RowSuman Das [Hell Boy] = Frags - 28Bhaskar Kadia [Satan] = Frags - 23Abhishek mallik [Rage] = Frags - 20Baljinder Singh [Sher-e-Jhalandhar] = Frags - 18Nizamuddin Jhangir [Zeus] = Frags - 10Pinak [Lucifer] = Frags - 8GhatakSandeep Mehla [Rajasthani Saand] = Frags - 21Harsh Pathak [Stealth] = Frags - 18Saptarishi Bhattacharya [P. Annihilator] = Frags - 12Mayank Yadav [Anaconda] = Frags - 9Anant Singh Chowdhary [Bhagat Singh] = Frags - 8Amit Trikha [Maut Ka Badshah] = Frags - 8Man of the AIM Counter Strike Battle - Suman Das [Hell Boy]

AIM Battle Field - Counter Strike Tournament

AIM Battle FIELD Counter Strike Tournament
Today (12.03.2006) ....... AIM's arena (Programing Lab) has turned up into battle has filled with bullets, shells and bloods of Terrorists and Counter Terrorists......... everyone is armed with Magnum(sniper), Kreig, M4A1, SMG and kevlar and many more....... because for the 1st time in the history of AIM.... we are fighting with each other .
Six teams with six players in each are thirsty for oppenent's blood and they wanna kill at any cost coz if they don't then they will be killed........ There is do or die situation for each team..... The battle scheduled to start at 11:00 AIM 12.03.2006 but due to smooth functioning of AIM's Lab comps and delayed for 2 hrs and started at 1:00 Pm........girl's has also formed their troop and they are ready to crush the rest of the five boys team... Right now the battle is going on...... Every time two teams is facing each other.. the sides (terrorist and counter terorr…

Crux of Dristikon 2006

The Army Institute of Management, held it's annual discussion on the finance bill called Dristikon on the 7th of march 2006. The panel included some distinguished personalities from various fields namely Mr. Udayan Ray, Director (Finance), NICCO was the moderator spoke first thereafter Mr. Prodipto Banerjea, Exe. VP, Finance, ITC and Mr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, Capital Market Analyst. Mr. Udyan Ray emphasized on the point that no matter how the budget is, one needs to work within it and go by it. He also said that the economy looked stronger, as a result of the strong rate. Other aspects like inflation, MAT, indirect taxes etc were also emphasized upon. he seemed pleased about the fact that the finance minister was more focused on implementing the budget. Mr. Proditpto Banerjea claimed that there were not many surprises in the bill. He pointed out the fact that the government wants more FDI over FII. His main emphasis however, was on the tax to GDP ratio. He also spoke about the pi…

Success of 1st event of new council "DRISHTIKON 2006"

Dearest Alumni,

Here i have some good news for our alumni that we as a new council feel proud that we have made our first event successful. The whole event was a joint effort of us and some guidance form our faculty members.

All the three panelist which was mentioned by Anushree in earlier mail were the excellent speaker. Their speach was enlighting form i think so but it was bit boring because as usual most of them were just listening as it may remind ur AIM days probably.

You might not be intrested in the proceedings of the event but i m putting them for the as the essential part of the event which were as follows:

All the three panelist were welcomed by Director Sir, Dr. K. K. Choudhuri. Then every thing was hosted by Navjit Kaur, Secretary Student affiars. Thereafter Amit Rana gave a small presentation on The Budget (Finance Bill). Hence the discussion was started.

Mr. Udayan Ray, Director (Finance), NICCO was the moderator spoke first thereafter Mr. Prodipto Banerjea, Exe…


Hello everybody,

A lot of time has passed since we have posted anything to you all, do give us some time because the new council has just started off and we are learning the tricks of the trade.
The news is that the new council is organising the very first event for the college and that is DRISHTIKON-BUDGET DISCUSSION. It is a post budget discussion on the finance bill presented by our honourable Finance Minister, Mr.P.Chidambaram in the parliament.
The objective of this discussion is to interpret the budget and what impact it will have on the industrial sector, capital markets, insurance sector, employment and many more areas.
A panel discussion will take place with one moderator and three panelists who will give their views about the budget. This will be followed by an open house interaction with the students as well as the faculty members.
We have invited three noted executives from major corporate houses to analyse the budget. They include-
Mr.Prodipto Bannerjea,Executive VP,Financ…