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Whole New Dimensions For New Council...

Well its time to say good bye by Student Council 2005-06 . AIM has its new council which had took over from today. The new council has been restructured and General Secretary post has been removed. Also there are less no. of people in the council as that will increase the accountability abd responsibility.

We would like to thank all alumni for their support. The time has come for us that we as alumni redefine our role and take our alma mater to new heights. We know most of our alumni are doing extremely well but during this one year of our Alumni Coordinators stint, they found very few alumni who are proactive. The time has come for all of us to be proactive. Let us Roar- Role of Alumni Redefined. We are not here to give sermon but one thing which alumni should appreciate is whenever any leads are provided or any work has to be done, they should first know that an alumni coordinator is working in the same bueracrautic set up like the one in which they had studied.

Now at least things have changed for good. Chalne ko to sab waise hi chalta hai but people are required to show the right direction. We are not beating our own drums but the outgoing council has been able to do exactly the same thing. ( You can confirm the same from my previous councils). There has been regular allegations that the present batches do not participate in fests and all, but the fact is that we are under the WBUT system and unnecessary academic requirements are so much that there is no chance for respite. We hope our juniors will address this particular problem much more efficiently.

Here is the newly elected council's list.

Mr. Abhishek Singh

Secretary Student Affairs
Ms. Navjit Kaur
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jha

Representative Placement Committee
Ms. Suchi Monga
Mr. Avinash Dubey
Representative Computer Lab committee
Mr. Ritesh Kumar

Representative Mess Committee
Ms. Hema Gurung
Mr. Sanjeev Singh

Representative Academic Council
Ms.Sonia Singh
Mr.Sougata Ray

Representative Library Committee
Ms. Riddha Mukhopadhyay

Representative Alumni Committee
Ms. Anusree Bhowmick
Mr. Naveen Yadav

Congratulation to all brand new members of Student Council 2006-07

With Warm Regards,
Student Council 2005-06
Army Institute of Management


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