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Whole New Dimensions For New Council...

Well its time to say good bye by Student Council 2005-06 . AIM has its new council which had took over from today. The new council has been restructured and General Secretary post has been removed. Also there are less no. of people in the council as that will increase the accountability abd responsibility.

We would like to thank all alumni for their support. The time has come for us that we as alumni redefine our role and take our alma mater to new heights. We know most of our alumni are doing extremely well but during this one year of our Alumni Coordinators stint, they found very few alumni who are proactive. The time has come for all of us to be proactive. Let us Roar- Role of Alumni Redefined. We are not here to give sermon but one thing which alumni should appreciate is whenever any leads are provided or any work has to be done, they should first know that an alumni coordinator is working in the same bueracrautic set up like the one in which they had studied.

Now at least things ha…

New Council

We have already selected our new student's council. This evening we formly sealed the mandate by performing the ritual of PEPSI. Whole M block was very excited; especially those who have lost their seats. We started with The President, who faced it with style. Then there were south ko loot kar mess lootne aaye, our Killer Kumar, followed by new alumni co-ordinator.

Our CLC missed the opportunity; as he was really on job.

Hip Hip hurrey for our new Student's Council....

8th Annual Day of AIM

The NIMC Times

The NIMC Times

In the crack of dawn you crave for more only if there is energy in core, You pop out right at four for a fall-in so austere!

Thanks to pioneers who set the trend of a few traditions that knew no bounds, to those lines that punches you often and to those anthems that were more of a giggle. A place drawn by extreme combatism from jokers to juniors, you're ultimately molding into a corporate mogul! And then comes from the young pumping nerves, "HIGH SIR!" You bett you would grasp, if nothing else, the famous Bhojpuri intro and should have no hassles tieing that knot, without the knot! A time to interact, a time to relate, a time to enact, was the time to live by it.

Drawn to a campus that makes you something out of nothing. Well, talk about it, as Dominique Lapiere calls it, the city of joy e mbodies the love of culture; not to mention the never-ending strikes and bandhs famous for. It's triumph of intellectualism and say over greed. The complete transparen…