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Ramakrishna Mission and Order

I dont know how many people at the Army Institute of Management know about the Legendray Spiritual Hero of India Swami Vivekananda, and how much. Of course, anybody interested in him can access to easily available Swamiji literature. Also our college have subscription of one of the prominent publication of the mission "Vedanta kesari" which is a publication of the Chenni math.

Swami Vivekanda was having great faith in Youth. He never said to help the men but to serve the men as the living form of god. For this purpose he established Ramakrishna math and Order, at the Belur, which now function as the global Headquarter. Hyderabad math is the one of few maths established by himself.

Although from my childhood I have heard the name and the the name of the organisation but till I came in touch personally with the math and its workings in Hyderabad I was unaware about it. There I come in touch with many highly respectable Monks of the order among them I would like to name a few as …

Got Da Job..........

Yesterday i got job offer from Jayashree Textiles of Aditya Birla Nuvo(ABN) group.
Before accepting the offer I was drowning in the ocean of confusion, coz I’d to decide among two choices one is Grmtech which deals with the online solution which was matching with my passion and area of interest, the only problem was my educational background(Bio science)on the other hand there was Aditya Birla group which is one of the biggest group in India.

Also I’d set my priorities which were job>>career>>company>>Salary.

so if I’d selected Grmtech I would have got all four of these things also in case of Aditya Birla I saw all of them that’s why I was very confused.

My confusion increased to 100 times by my friends, all were saying you should go with Aditya Birla group so that I’ll get good start, but I was standing at my point of joining Grmtech. At last moment I took out my CV and decided that I’ll go for Grmtech but later one of my friend said that“look you are missing golden opp…

Mini GP as Cafeteria opens in AIM from Jan 6th

I am happy to share this news with you all that AIM cafetria has become functional from today. this time the contractor is Gill Palace popularly known as GP.
He has got on his menu card things which are available in GP and first time Tandoori Rotis in campus!!! So a good way to start the year 2006.

This contract is due to the efforts put in bY Akshay Khajuria, Nizam and Mohit Gattu. Thank you guys! Otherwise management would have taken a year more to give the contract.

Thats why I say AIM Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anil Kumar