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INFerNO 2006 - 07


Placement 07: An articulated Report

3rd December came and passed silently and very few people knew it happened in the wake of examination starting next day and grand celebration held the other day (11 1C1C1). No, no, no, no, I am not talking about that certain date of the month. Grand celebration!!! Is it creating any echo in your head? Guess What? It was our much hyped, put into high energy jubilation when more than 2 dozen people celebrated their placement party together in the BBC court, at the same event it was made public that ‘eye-to-eye-contact-type-events’ do happen in AIM. Yeah! You guessed right I am talking about ‘THE BULLS DAY’. But, regrettably the anniversary of “Bulls Day” was not remembered at all. There are many legends in AIM; some forgotten some still in practice. The “eye-contact” was in everybody’s memory throughout the year but…The question is – “Was that really as forgettable as many people declared that Bull Day should be remembered as Black Day, Ask those who are still there, and ask those who a…

Brand equity

Well known business schools are reinventing their brands to make themselves more attractive to students, reports Steve Coomber

If brands influence which car we choose, why not which MBA programme? In increasingly competitive times, business schools in the education market need to communicate the values that make them different. Branding is a fundamental way of doing so. A clearly defined brand can be the difference between a candidate considering a school’s programme or dismissing it.

“To maintain stature and grow without losing quality, the premium universities must distinguish their business offerings as brands whose values uniquely travel in elite global circles,” says Mark Linder, global client leader at WPP, the worldwide advertising and marketing services.

The Business of Branding 2005 report carried out by CarringtonCrisp and the Association of Business Schools, found that half the business schools studied had rebranded in the past five years. Linder, for example, is current…

Celebrating 1GB Members

Best College of the Year Award

It takes immense pleasure and pride for us to announce that AIMK has won 'Best College of the Year Award' at Prarambh 2006,Inter-B-School annual fest of Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. This is the first time our college has won an award of this kind and not only that we have won prizes in several other events as well, which include-

Presentation-Trishita Ray & Riddha Mukhopadhay (MBA 9) won the first prize.Role Play- Saptarishi Bhattacahrya & Charu Sharma (MBA 9) won the first prize.Business Quiz- Sumit Naik & Anirban Roy (MBA 9) won the first prizeExtempore- Sumit Bhattacharya (MBA 10) won the second prize.

Other than these events our college participated in various other management games and debates.

Congratulations to all the winners and all the best to all the participants.

AIMK really rockzzzzzzzzzz and we will make a difference whereever we go.

Report Credit:
Alumni Co-ordinators

The Rising Economies of China, India And Russia

(A report on interaction with Mr. Guninder Sandhu of MBA07, currently working on Indo China project with E J McKay & Co. inc., while he came down to AIM campus on 9th July 2006. Currently he is based in Shanghai.)

The report provides an insight of industrial and financial growth of major budding economies –China, India and Russia.

For the past decade, China and India have grabbed sizeable portion of global market investments and have positioned themselves on the missile of perpetual economic rise. China (which has a competitive edge over India) has the best industries and is also rated as the best business economy. China has greater number of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which adhere to changeable regulations.

Chinese economy is dependent on exports whereas the Indian economy relies entirely on the service sector .In China 35% of population is engaged in production sector .The MNCs are sprouting in China despite linguistic barriers on account of labour flexible laws and liberal fisc…

Direct from Classroom : Management of Change

These are the slides from the colloquium presentation by Mr. Gautum Chakrabarty, Sr GM - HR, Haldia Petrochemical Ltd., held on 12th September at Army Institute of Management Kolkata

Respone @ BT Acumen 2006

1) WOW!, that made my day !!! Simply superb guys N Congratulations / best wishes to go full steam ahead !!!! AIM Does ROCK!!!
-Shilpa Chatterjee
Sify Ltd
2) This is so cool…….wow kaha chupe hue the…yeh log last year…..its really something to be proud of…..rana can u giv me pachauri's and sumit's email id…if u have it please.
-Mohi Banerjee
HCL Technologies

3) This is really fantastic…Pachori and Sumit have done a great job by making all of us proud….all the best to both of them.
-Kanika Abrol
The Smart Cube Pvt Ltd
New Delhi

4) GREAT, Best of luck to everyone, its a very good platform to prove AIMs abilities, and i hope everyone from MBA9 and 10 will be going there to encourage the participants. please keep the alumni updated on this.

Always remember-

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win"
-Varinder Pal Singh Waraich

5) Well Done Rahul and Sumit.. all the best .. We all are with…

WBUT Inter-college Football tournament

Get the right place to get the clear view. Walk-in to AIMK's Football ground - where all the fun will be - where will you be!

Be there tomorrow to cheer up your team, and yes dont forget to congratulate Mr. Rakesh Jha, Sec. Student Affair for the hard work to make the place happening.

The participating teams are:-
Army Institute of Management Kolkata
BP Poddar Institute of management and Technology
Heritage Institute of Technology
Netaji Subash Engineering College
RCC Institute of Information Technology

The Pis above is the poster I designed for this event. Will be back soon with more details...till then keep rocking..................................THINK BIG

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