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The future brands of India

Following post was sent by Prof. Bidyut K. Acharya, Sales Promotion MM301
These are the future brands of India

Proposed by the MBA candidates of 2004-2006 (MBA 8)

Whisky - 7th Heaven

Watch - Adopia

Foldable Bicycle - Albatross

Packaged Sea Food - Aquatics

Potato Chips - Aunty Chips

Pens - Bhawani Pens

Shampoo - Black Diamond

Packaged Sea Food - Blue Sea

Toothpaste - Cibacca

Paint - Colour India

Biscuits - Crispy Cream Biscuits

Detergent - Dr. White

Car - Elegance

Soap - Elegant

Mobile SIM Card - Feelings

Apple Juice - Fizler

Talcum Powder - Fragrance

Fast Food Joint - Hungry Jacks

Socks - Hush Kitties

Cold Drink - Indiana

Men’s Toiletry - Instinct

Winter wear - Jaij

Broadband Service - Joy

Shirt - Kuldude

Toothpaste - Kunjan

Motorcycle - Laser

Bathing Soap - Lovely

Toothpaste - Manjan

Jeans - Masculin Jeans

Toothpaste - Mr. White

Car - Mustang

Soap - Nea

Shampoo - Night Bloom Shampoo

Cell Phone - Nokia

Jeans - Non Stop

Toothpaste - Pepsodent Plus

Croggle - Persona

Chocolate - Punch

Instant Noodle - Quick Chow Delight

Natural Herbal Soap - Ria Naturals

After Shave Lotion - Rocking Cool

MP3 Player - r pod

Steel Pipe - Shakti

Perfume - Sparks

Women’s Apparel - Sumana’s Wear

Canned Ice Tea - Taaza Ice Tea

Tactical Missile System - Vajra

Car - Zen

Perfume - Zion

These brands were proposed for launch by the students

in their Sales Promotion MM301 exam, November, 2005.

Guys Hurry Up For Your Patents Please!!

Here’s Prof. Bidyut K. Acharya wishing all of you Good Luck and the Very Best!


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