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Great Show!!!!

I have been taking part in inferno for two years in a row and am amazed by how much it teaches me everytime.Last year since other colleges could not participate so the contest was not so competitive and we did not know where we stood..........but this time around it was really great,the number of other colleges who gave us strong competition, the sponsorships which we were able to bring, the way the event was managed, the number of prizes our college bagged, the whole enviornment was really, really good.Other than the serious stuff it is really nice to see that there is so much of talent amongst my batchmates and juniors........because its really easy to give presentations, work on cases, etc. but really, really difficult to go up on stage and bring a smile on the audiences face.......i really appreciate those people who have done it.On the whole i think that our Inferno 2005 was a huge success and hope it will keep on improving and do better the next time and the times to come.


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