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Right now i'm coming from battle field not that kind of battle field which means -
  • -An area where a battle is fought
    -A sphere of contention

but the field where we MBA guys fight - Group discussion and PI, we fight for our placement when ever a good company comes then, our conference hall turns battle ground, till now i fought two battles one for TATA Rayerson and today for HCL Technologies.

Today in GD we had different groups, and no. of soldiers were 10 in each group, my group was D and my no. was D-2, while waiting for our chance I felt that i'm waiting for some kind of war and going for it, 1st our group members made many plans before entering into the field, that we will discuss properly in organise way and don't create any mess but those guys who planned as friendly fighter later they turned into our enimies from hell they were fighting like d.... well dog is not the right word but still they were fighting like hell, like this is there last chance etc.... through out the discussion i felt that i'm in the wrong place b'coz the topic what we got was abstract and we could make out some thing creative out of but our group memebers/soldiers took it in wrong direction from Iraq war to India-pakistan relationship, the topic was so simple and nice - dead yesterday, unborn tomorrow which means what ever we have is today.
The GD is still going on, different battle teams are getting ready for it to fight till the last breath of their life after that we have the main fight which we fight individually with HR team of Companies.


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