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Just Chillll!!!!!!!!!

What a scenario. Everybody is getting ready to take the exams head on. All of them except those cool(or should i say Fools) guys who just depend on last minute prepration. But that is their style of handling the pressure of examinations. All work and no play makes a person less productive so remember to take some time out of the busy schedule and play(as some really do).

Best of luck guys!


Right now i'm coming from battle field not that kind of battle field which means - -An area where a battle is fought
-A sphere of contention but the field where we MBA guys fight - Group discussion and PI, we fight for our placement when ever a good company comes then, our conference hall turns battle ground, till now i fought two battles one for TATA Rayerson and today for HCL Technologies.Today in GD we had different groups, and no. of soldiers were 10 in each group, my group was D and my no. was D-2, while waiting for our chance I felt that i'm waiting for some kind of war and going for it, 1st our group members made many plans before entering into the field, that we will discuss properly in organise way and don't create any mess but those guys who planned as friendly fighter later they turned into our enimies from hell they were fighting like d.... well dog is not the right word but still they were fighting like hell, like this is there last chance etc.... through out th…

AIM - k Blog is out of it's Beta version



AIM - k Blog is out of it's Beta version"

Give your comments about the blog and tell us what other features you would like to have?


Hey Guys! The time has come for the last time slogging. Less than a month is left before we will be bombarded with WBUT semester exams. So tighten up your belts and start slogging; like our tailenders slogg in the last 10 overs.

Best of luck to u all guys.


This is a humble request to all those in the mess Comittee to improve the taste of the food being served in the mess. Thfe food's quality is really in a MESS. The only thing that is served well is th choola-Bhatura that too ocossionally. The mess staff should vary the composition of ingredients so that the taste changes.
All u guys out there are requested to bring the matter to light so that atleast we get food with different taste.

Won, Lost and Learned

As I always say there is no failure only learnings or we can say we never loose only learn something good out of it. We had our annual inter-college fest – Inferno this weekend. I had participated in two events one in marketing and the other in Web designing. My marketing team members were Nidhi, Joydeep, Poonam & I, and Web designing team member were Naveen & I.

We spent about 4hrs. on the marketing case study and 40 minutes in Web designing. We bagged the 1st. position in marketing and 3rd. position in Web designing. This achievement was not at all possible without the help of my group members. But since I love to make website and it is also my hobby i really wanted to win the Web designing event, and as far as my feedback about both the events goes, i think i used my grey matter more in the f Web designing event, but unfortunately the two judge out of three being a marketing person and software designer were incompetent to understand the technical aspects which my group has…

There is no mistakes, only learnings

I like web designing and i love to develop WebPages, even though I haven’t joined any institute for it, today we'd got website designing competition (online Dot Com) in our institute as part B'school festival - Inferno, My partner + very good friend of mine, Naveen Sharma we both participated, we got one case study upon which we had to develop one site in 1 hour 15 minutes, Since i'm very much comfortable with windows Xp i demanded PC with XP but they denied to provide even though we were the first group(may be they don't like the concept of 1st come 1st serve), I don't like to make any excuses but i would like to write truth what exactly went - the kind of PC we got was pathetic in 15 minutes it get hanged for 15 times, There was'nt any thumb view of pictures option some how file got corrupted so it took us 35 min to search right kind picture out of more than 200 pictures, we didn’t allowed to use Adobe photoshop by which i give a lots of effects to pictures l…

Great Show!!!!

I have been taking part in inferno for two years in a row and am amazed by how much it teaches me everytime.Last year since other colleges could not participate so the contest was not so competitive and we did not know where we stood..........but this time around it was really great,the number of other colleges who gave us strong competition, the sponsorships which we were able to bring, the way the event was managed, the number of prizes our college bagged, the whole enviornment was really, really good.Other than the serious stuff it is really nice to see that there is so much of talent amongst my batchmates and juniors........because its really easy to give presentations, work on cases, etc. but really, really difficult to go up on stage and bring a smile on the audiences face.......i really appreciate those people who have done it.On the whole i think that our Inferno 2005 was a huge success and hope it will keep on improving and do better the next time and the times to come.

Inferno 2005

ARMY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, KOLKATA INFERNO – 2005 : 11-12 Nov==================================================Friday, 11th Nov2005, 1000 hrs – 1800 hrsEVENTSINANGURATION - 1030 hrs Negotium - 1100 hrs - Organized by HR Club “Sampark” Bulls & Bears - 1130 hrs - Organized by Finance Club “Kuber”Case Study (Marketing) - 1400 hrs - Organized by Marketing Club "Vikreta"JAM (Just-a-Minute) - 1600 hrs - Organized by HR Club “Sampark==================================================Saturday, 12th Nov 2005, 1000 hrs – 1800 hrsEVENTSAd Mad Show - 1000 hrs - Organized by Finance Club “Kuber”Finance Doctor - 1200 hrs - Organized by Finance Club “KuberOnline dot com - 1400 - Organized by Systems Club “Abacus”Cook Something Up - 1600 hrs - Organized by Dramatics Club “Akriti” ==================================================* Participants should be present by 1000 hrs at the AIM campus
* Maximum of four members per team
* Participants are requested to get themselves registered by 1…

Wanted Page - 3 Reporter and Editor

There are vacancies for page-3 reporter and editor in AIM. In the wake of current editor's resignation from the post this requirement has risen. So all the interested candidates can contact me(boys only).
Keep me posted.

Gateway of AIM

Our InstituteFor world it is -
Gate way of Army Institute of ManagementBut for us it is -
Gateway of holiday resort
Gateway of cellular jail
Gateway to our bright future
Gateway of tomorrow's managers
Gateway of tomorrow's leaders
Gateway of tomorrow's entrepreneurs

Don't get time or don't want to

I've started Life @ AIMK blog with great passion and hope, 4 building web presence of AIMK, i'd invited 55 people for blogging only 33 has accepeted and out these 33 bloggers only 5 had posted few blogs, and after that everybody went to hibernation.
to awake them varad and i had launched one blog campained, but nothing worked, I really don't understand why these guys don't blog, may be they don't get time, or don't want to or even they don't know how to.