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Arrgghhhhh Dubbeeeeyyy..

I was so happy this evening coz i was about to finish updating my blog with a fresh new look with different features like new easy way of commenting etc.... i heated my head for more than 6 hrs coz our net connection is not slow but almost close to dead even a apple snail's bandwith is faster than ours..... so i was trying really hard to update my blog.... meanwhile i took help from Darrnell (Israeli Guy) he helped me a lot....I was very happy while eXperimenting new features in my blog..... there was two intresting features whose coding took 1 hrs 30 min... and i was about to save it but at that time one of my Junior Mr Avinash Dubey... Came besides me and start looking at my work then suddenly he turnned off my computer... arrrgghhhhh Dubbeeeeyyy.. it was so frustating and....... moments...... .....for some seconds i could'nt understand what happened but then i realize it was Dubey, actually he was switching computer besides mine but he is such a confused guy he switched off my CPU's power button. For a moment i thought that i'll **lL him but another moment i realize that it was just an accident, he did'nt mean it...... so i quietly stand up and went to mess to had dinner....


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