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Tonight is Pepsi Night

|| Happy Birthday to Me ||
Naveen Sharma
Nasim Bhai


Eighth September 19XX is the day when I first opened my eyes in this world…

I never forget this day and I always wanted to make this day(08sept) a great day of my life…


I invite all MBA 8+9 & MCA 5 to make this day a great remembrance….of my life..

Please make it so great day that I could never be able to forget it.. even if I try to forget.. I will recall this day with the pains and marks of Pepsi of my B…..s..

Pepsi Ceremony

Day : Tonight
Time : 00:00 AM
Venue: Es 0ne(S1)
Tools: Bare hands(with oils), Chappels, Belts, Wickets, Shot put, more….(whatever you
…….like I love everything)

Personal Request:

Please don’t miss pepsi ceremony and remember that those who don’t give me pepsi… I’ll never talk to that person…forever and ever….

Melli peppshe celemoney mein jalool aanaa.. nahinn to mein nalaz ho jaoonga…

From Yours
One and only one…and only one…..
Naveen Sharma


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