Life @ AIM - K

Rules For Posting !!

Here are some rules for posting

Please do not post any-

  1. Quote
  2. Syari
  3. GK stuff..
    for these things you can use

Irrelevant posts will be deleted without any warning...

and please do not vomit your personal grudges over here......

And don't use it as notice board..for distribution of class notes....

What you can post?

  1. Everything related to AIM (but it should be created by u'r own not just copy and pasted)
    Posts like...
  2. what are the things going on in AIM( like preparation of different activities for Convocation and Nostalgia)
  3. Your views and experience related to AIM..(library,mess,birthdays,classesetc..)
  4. you can post GK stuff.. but created by you...not copied from another
  5. In simple words..posts authentic posts related to AIM Life Style..
  6. And ofcourse you can post all those things what is going around the world but in your own what you feel about that particualar thing..
  7. And Please your own common sense yaar...and your creativity..

Happy Posting

Rajesh Kumar Rana


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