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Professional Excellence – Colloquium16.09.2005

Today we had colloquia in our institute.

We'd Invited Mr. Subhendu K. Mitra to share his views upon
Professional Excellence
Mr. S.K. Mitra is president of Reliance Infocomm India Pvt. Ltd.

According to him-
“Professional excellence is the term which means that how we do better and achieves best things in our professional life.
There are four traits which needed to be take care of in order to achieve professional excellence.

1) Quality Appreciation
2) Team work
3) Communication
4) Time Management

Quality Appreciation
It is very important to appreciate quality in today's world like - if you get option of electronics device between Japanese and Chinese company which would you choose.... without any doubt we go for Japanese, now days Japan has becomes the synonyms of quality. Unfortunately in India we don't give that much importance to quality but there are several sectors like specially Knowledge base sector like IT industry which is doing very well in terms of quality.

Team work
Now days everybody wants to be team leader, it is good to become a team leader but before that one should learn how to become a good team member, later we'll automatically acquired the qualities of leadership.
It's very important to know how to work in team then only an organisation can grow.

Communication is another trait which no can ignore; right now it is one of the most important parts of professional life. Written and verbal communication both should be lucid and easy to understand, we should also take care of the cultural etiquettes like what is right here may be taken as in wrong sense in other's culture.

Time Management
In professional life we have to stick with the time proper time management. In a team if you are not managing time judiciously then your relationship with peers will hinder. When you manage your time properly you'll find that every thing get easy you’ll earn respect from you peers and subordinate etc.

Apart from the four traits one more thing that he explained is the ability to foresee is very important factor that everybody should develop he gave one very good example for its importance-

He said" Thomas Edison is very famous person, everybody knows him he discovered bulb and electricity,he is the founder of world's famous company GE, at his time there was a issue of debate between AC and DC currents, Mr. Edison said that AC is not that important and they will stick to DC just because of his unable to see the future he had been thrown out from company that he has founded with his sweat and blood.

All these traits won't be fruitful these things armoured by professional ethics. He gave the example of Enron and WorldCom and described how important is professional ethics.

Rajesh Kumar Rana


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