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My quest for Blog !!

Now days i'm on my web log quest....
to make my web presence... i thought that i sould have my own blog which is the easiest way to publish your
So i 1st tried and created


while making sacredmatrix's ( blog i thought i should make it simple and attracting, it should'nt be like ordinary blogger's blog..
so i searched for the template in google and i found template at-

but there i faced many problems,
like it was'nt showing author's name etc.. so i looked for the help......

i seek help from a web logger, Tama Leaver who is using the same template and modifed it....

so i wrote Tama Leaver and he helped me a lot..

at the mean time i wrote to Aji Sir (our Alumni) and made a request for my personal blog.....and after so many things..
Finally i got my own Blog......

i'm very much thankful to Aji sir and Tama Leaver
but my quest for blog is still going on...

now the fight is for making it better and best.....

Rajesh Kumar Rana


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