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Hi people

Hi people, 7th Sep. another boring day in AIMK. Café should open soon, life sucks without it.
The council should get an outdoor trip organized for MBA 8 and try once for God`s sake keeping aside the pessimistic attitude. Say what all you guys lets head towards it.
Give ideas man, I feel Nicco Park or Diga or Aquatica would be cool.
Bought books from college street today. Had samosas, 6 of them and rasgullas too.
My roomie not well man.. pray for him.
Lot of puppies in AIM, I made video of one on my pc over lan check it out damn adorable.
Wanna watch a movie in college??? Tell me bout it.
Tiwari gave an awesome load of technical crap in class today, ripped everyone apart I got so F@#$^%$ lost man. But had to support it man cause he was in my team.
Anyways Mohi wearing funny shirt today, and was about to kill Tiwari in class today.
Damn cool
OK then have funn


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