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Alumni..Dance Party.....

Went to a Alumni Dance party last night.....
People were drinking. And if that wasn't bad enough, people got drunk.

Some people acted more drunk than they really were,
and some people acted less drunk than they should have been.

Many drinkers were 1st time drinkers, tried alcohol first time in their life, not even just tried but they tried it really hard (5-7 pegs)......

I'd Left drinking 4 years (beer only...... never tried hard drinks everbefore..and never will..)......

recenlty left Cold Drinks also (its not good for health)......

I'm not a hard drinker but i'm a hardcore really hard..till the last breath in my body..... but last night i'd dance lightly and preserved energy to the last moment of party....

We got DJ Hitesh at the party

Our Alumni coordinators(Anil And Chatto) organised alumni meet very well....Hurray

(three cheers for them)

Everybody enjoyed the party...


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