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Finally, my summer project report is over , (Mehnat rang lai) which has bothered me for last few weeks....
Because of which I couldn’t able to write any new blog........sleep properly…etc…
I'm getting…kind of relaxed feelings, but still i can feel the after effects of long hardwork… my head is still spinning coz I continuously worked for hours on my project since morning, yeah I know what you are thinking….about breaks…

In the mean time I’d many breaks like
Breakfast>>Internal exams>>Attended Meeting for improvement of net speed which always crawls(I'm part of student council, you know..)
>> lunch>>Evening tea with pakodas>>Dinner>>Milk (And also breaks includes all those things You know...#&%$#)

I was so busy with project report that I haven’t changed my dress since morning.. it is 3:12 am now…. still I’m in the same dress...

Right now I’m thinking about the Puja holidays and..…..
Good night…ooops Nimc/AiM mein kabhi raat nahin hoti hai…..( As Lakhwinder sir said to me during our interaction periods) so good morning.


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