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The future brands of India

Following post was sent by Prof. Bidyut K. Acharya, Sales Promotion MM301 ========================================= These are the future brands of India

Proposed by the MBA candidates of 2004-2006(MBA 8)

Whisky - 7th Heaven

Watch - Adopia

Foldable Bicycle - Albatross

Packaged Sea Food - Aquatics

Potato Chips - Aunty Chips

Pens - Bhawani Pens

Shampoo - Black Diamond

Packaged Sea Food - Blue Sea

Toothpaste - Cibacca

Paint - Colour India

Biscuits - Crispy Cream Biscuits

Detergent - Dr. White

Car - Elegance

Soap - Elegant

Mobile SIM Card - Feelings

Apple Juice - Fizler

Talcum Powder - Fragrance

Fast Food Joint - Hungry Jacks

Socks - Hush Kitties

Cold Drink - Indiana

Men’s Toiletry - Instinct

Winter wear - Jaij

Broadband Service - Joy

Shirt - Kuldude

Toothpaste - Kunjan

Motorcycle - Laser

Bathing Soap - Lovely

Toothpaste - Manjan

Jeans - Masculin Jeans

Toothpaste - Mr. White

Car - Mustang

Soap - Nea

Shampoo - Night Bloom Shampoo

Cell Phone - Nokia

Jeans - Non Stop

Toothpaste - Pepsodent Plus

Croggle - Persona

Chocolate - Punch


Army Institute of Management Rockz

Army Institute of Management is Rocking, 52 are already placed only few are left, now the situation has reversed, candidates are few but companies are abundant.........Industry is crying for more.....

happy birthday to u dear (your gift is ready)

Have you not a moist eye, a dry hand, a yellow cheek, a white beard, a decreasing leg, an increasing belly? Is not your voice broken, your wind short, your chin double, your wit single, and every part about you blasted with antiquity?

yaaa friends it's the birthday of vidya nand , he opened his eyes in this world on 11 december.
yes friends iska matlab aaj raat ko 12.00 baje M-7 mein aap sab invited hain ,,, kis liye ... are yaaar u know it better ,, bring belts,chappals(leather and wet prefered),wicket ,bats,dandaas,sticks,rods and anything to make that thing red ,, U all are cordially invited (every student of AIM)

mele chunnu ti pepti celemony mein jallol jallol aana (kaustav).

ek aur baat thand badh gayi hai haath garam karne hote hain to deri kis baat ki come n enjoy the pepsi ceremony of vidyaa nand....

There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... and only one for birthday presents, you know.

A....I....M Bulls Day

In Dec 03 2005, we celebrated
A.....I....MBulls day Indiabulls Securities has just gone like a BULL for MBA-8 and made the placements at the highest Levelssss. 25 Aimians has got bulls eye in one shot, I think this is highest in number, Recruitment at any time in NIMC/AIM history in one company, MBA 8 has created history....... We'd a great party at the eve of AIM bulls day... Current score - 47/90 [till 3rd december 2005] Run rate - 5.22

Just Chillll!!!!!!!!!

What a scenario. Everybody is getting ready to take the exams head on. All of them except those cool(or should i say Fools) guys who just depend on last minute prepration. But that is their style of handling the pressure of examinations. All work and no play makes a person less productive so remember to take some time out of the busy schedule and play(as some really do).

Best of luck guys!


Right now i'm coming from battle field not that kind of battle field which means - -An area where a battle is fought
-A sphere of contention but the field where we MBA guys fight - Group discussion and PI, we fight for our placement when ever a good company comes then, our conference hall turns battle ground, till now i fought two battles one for TATA Rayerson and today for HCL Technologies.Today in GD we had different groups, and no. of soldiers were 10 in each group, my group was D and my no. was D-2, while waiting for our chance I felt that i'm waiting for some kind of war and going for it, 1st our group members made many plans before entering into the field, that we will discuss properly in organise way and don't create any mess but those guys who planned as friendly fighter later they turned into our enimies from hell they were fighting like d.... well dog is not the right word but still they were fighting like hell, like this is there last chance etc.... through out th…

AIM - k Blog is out of it's Beta version



AIM - k Blog is out of it's Beta version"

Give your comments about the blog and tell us what other features you would like to have?


Hey Guys! The time has come for the last time slogging. Less than a month is left before we will be bombarded with WBUT semester exams. So tighten up your belts and start slogging; like our tailenders slogg in the last 10 overs.

Best of luck to u all guys.


This is a humble request to all those in the mess Comittee to improve the taste of the food being served in the mess. Thfe food's quality is really in a MESS. The only thing that is served well is th choola-Bhatura that too ocossionally. The mess staff should vary the composition of ingredients so that the taste changes.
All u guys out there are requested to bring the matter to light so that atleast we get food with different taste.

Won, Lost and Learned

As I always say there is no failure only learnings or we can say we never loose only learn something good out of it. We had our annual inter-college fest – Inferno this weekend. I had participated in two events one in marketing and the other in Web designing. My marketing team members were Nidhi, Joydeep, Poonam & I, and Web designing team member were Naveen & I.

We spent about 4hrs. on the marketing case study and 40 minutes in Web designing. We bagged the 1st. position in marketing and 3rd. position in Web designing. This achievement was not at all possible without the help of my group members. But since I love to make website and it is also my hobby i really wanted to win the Web designing event, and as far as my feedback about both the events goes, i think i used my grey matter more in the f Web designing event, but unfortunately the two judge out of three being a marketing person and software designer were incompetent to understand the technical aspects which my group has…

There is no mistakes, only learnings

I like web designing and i love to develop WebPages, even though I haven’t joined any institute for it, today we'd got website designing competition (online Dot Com) in our institute as part B'school festival - Inferno, My partner + very good friend of mine, Naveen Sharma we both participated, we got one case study upon which we had to develop one site in 1 hour 15 minutes, Since i'm very much comfortable with windows Xp i demanded PC with XP but they denied to provide even though we were the first group(may be they don't like the concept of 1st come 1st serve), I don't like to make any excuses but i would like to write truth what exactly went - the kind of PC we got was pathetic in 15 minutes it get hanged for 15 times, There was'nt any thumb view of pictures option some how file got corrupted so it took us 35 min to search right kind picture out of more than 200 pictures, we didn’t allowed to use Adobe photoshop by which i give a lots of effects to pictures l…

Great Show!!!!

I have been taking part in inferno for two years in a row and am amazed by how much it teaches me everytime.Last year since other colleges could not participate so the contest was not so competitive and we did not know where we stood..........but this time around it was really great,the number of other colleges who gave us strong competition, the sponsorships which we were able to bring, the way the event was managed, the number of prizes our college bagged, the whole enviornment was really, really good.Other than the serious stuff it is really nice to see that there is so much of talent amongst my batchmates and juniors........because its really easy to give presentations, work on cases, etc. but really, really difficult to go up on stage and bring a smile on the audiences face.......i really appreciate those people who have done it.On the whole i think that our Inferno 2005 was a huge success and hope it will keep on improving and do better the next time and the times to come.

Inferno 2005

ARMY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, KOLKATA INFERNO – 2005 : 11-12 Nov==================================================Friday, 11th Nov2005, 1000 hrs – 1800 hrsEVENTSINANGURATION - 1030 hrs Negotium - 1100 hrs - Organized by HR Club “Sampark” Bulls & Bears - 1130 hrs - Organized by Finance Club “Kuber”Case Study (Marketing) - 1400 hrs - Organized by Marketing Club "Vikreta"JAM (Just-a-Minute) - 1600 hrs - Organized by HR Club “Sampark==================================================Saturday, 12th Nov 2005, 1000 hrs – 1800 hrsEVENTSAd Mad Show - 1000 hrs - Organized by Finance Club “Kuber”Finance Doctor - 1200 hrs - Organized by Finance Club “KuberOnline dot com - 1400 - Organized by Systems Club “Abacus”Cook Something Up - 1600 hrs - Organized by Dramatics Club “Akriti” ==================================================* Participants should be present by 1000 hrs at the AIM campus
* Maximum of four members per team
* Participants are requested to get themselves registered by 1…

Wanted Page - 3 Reporter and Editor

There are vacancies for page-3 reporter and editor in AIM. In the wake of current editor's resignation from the post this requirement has risen. So all the interested candidates can contact me(boys only).
Keep me posted.

Gateway of AIM

Our InstituteFor world it is -
Gate way of Army Institute of ManagementBut for us it is -
Gateway of holiday resort
Gateway of cellular jail
Gateway to our bright future
Gateway of tomorrow's managers
Gateway of tomorrow's leaders
Gateway of tomorrow's entrepreneurs

Don't get time or don't want to

I've started Life @ AIMK blog with great passion and hope, 4 building web presence of AIMK, i'd invited 55 people for blogging only 33 has accepeted and out these 33 bloggers only 5 had posted few blogs, and after that everybody went to hibernation.
to awake them varad and i had launched one blog campained, but nothing worked, I really don't understand why these guys don't blog, may be they don't get time, or don't want to or even they don't know how to.

Arrgghhhhh Dubbeeeeyyy..

I was so happy this evening coz i was about to finish updating my blog with a fresh new look with different features like new easy way of commenting etc.... i heated my head for more than 6 hrs coz our net connection is not slow but almost close to dead even a apple snail's bandwith is faster than ours..... so i was trying really hard to update my blog.... meanwhile i took help from Darrnell (Israeli Guy) he helped me a lot....I was very happy while eXperimenting new features in my blog..... there was two intresting features whose coding took 1 hrs 30 min... and i was about to save it but at that time one of my Junior Mr Avinash Dubey... Came besides me and start looking at my work then suddenly he turnned off my computer... arrrgghhhhh Dubbeeeeyyy.. it was so frustating and....... moments...... .....for some seconds i could'nt understand what happened but then i realize it was Dubey, actually he was switching computer besides mine but he is such a confused guy he switched off…

I'm Back

Finally I'm back from Puja Holidays, I'd great time with Sleeping, watching TV, Eating, and sleeping....... I hardly Touched books as i'd thought i'll before holodays but.... in home i hardly use to get time for extracurriculars apart from sleeping and eating and watching TV.......

Some quotes from some famous people on "LUV"

Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command.
"Alan Watts"

When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love. "J. K. Rowling"

To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courage, because we don't want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt. "Madonna"

Love is an irresistable desire to be irresistably desired. "Robert Frost"

To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. "Anne-Sophie Swetchine"
There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. "Friedrich Nietzsche"

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. "H. L. Mencken"

There is no remedy for love but to love more. "Henry David Thoreau"

Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place. "Ice T"


Enjoy Guys!Vacations have started and almost all the aimites have left for their respective homes. Those who are staying back (like me) are looking forward for a eventful puja holidays at kolkata. Besides enjoying holidays We have to prepare for the upcoming internal exams too( for bookworms - beware of the freaks). I wish ALL THE BEST to all Aimites. Party hard these holidays and come back refreshed.

Keep packing yr bags...

The things we'll miss during these holidays -

Miss yr better halves and sisters in NIMC, yr pet dogs, NIMC ke peye hue nu sambhalna, Dogra Sir ka pyaar, Warden maam ki shanti, Bhatta Sir ke mazee, Sushanto ka andee, Hemant da ka chillana, raatoon mein sona, din mein jaagna, GP ka time pass, 'No-net' net lab, CR 1/2 (only), Pankhuri ka backyard, you all and this blogger, Rana too!

"A home far away from home"

Kharbanda (Punjabi Munda), Lakha (Legal Adviser, Sikh Light Infantry) and Shalini B (Madrasan Kuri)

All my bags are packed

All my bags are packed n' i'm ready to go...........
........for puja holidays and day after tomorrow i'll catch my train.....
I'm really excited about my holidyas coz after long time i'm going back home....

Every holiday i use to waste it by watching TV and this and that but this time i've thought that i won't waste my holidays coz when we come back our placements will start and we won't get any extra time...... so i'll be busy with Philip kotler, Ingram, Belch & Belch, Newspapers, CNBC, cartoon network, Maa ke haton se bana laziz khana, wid my PC, Wid my music system, and visiting new places....relatives, etc.........

the things i'll miss during these holidays-
My blog, NIMC ka khana, My friends, Dogra sir ka gussa, warden mam ki lecture, Sushanto da ka frustration, Hemant da ke haton ka pani, raaton ka jaagna, Inferno ka poster (still working on that ), GP ka khana, Internet lab, Library, LH1 ki AC, Pulia, My room, and NIMC/AIM...

Happy Puja an…


Yaa, The night was a really remembering one for the MBA-9 (boys Specially). After a sucessful PEPSI ceremony RAHUL was given the birthday bumps. Man he was in real trauma untill the ceremony, but once it was over every thing was like smooth ride for him. He didnt feel much pain( this is my guess) , really appreciate his courage as he handled his fear. we danced and enjoyed till 2:30 Am. A NIGHT that removed shame of many other batchmates( No Questions Please). Guys our mission was acomplished. Today we R celebrating his birthday.


life at army institute is fun
that's why in our heart its the number one

it started all after we went through the CAT
which we got through with hook or crook
but we are happy we made to the book

on getting the admission our eyes just shone
became like ambers just unearthed from some stone

now we are here and are having real fun
that's why in our heart its still the number one.


Great news for all the nostalgics,,, pooja holidaya are approaching now ,,, sab ghar jaane ki taiyaari mein hai ,, kuch chale gaye ,, kuch jaa rahe hain,, kuch jaaane wale hain,,, :-)great time to enjoy ,, go n freak outside,, but at the same time many assignments pending,, njoy your holidays but do comlete ur assingnments in time,,, kitaben mat lekar jaana faalto bojh bad jaayega,,, bring lots of sweets and namkins... happy holidays to you all..iam leaving tomorrow ,i'll miss AIM may be you too.

Mahan Atma ka Abhinandan.

Hi MBA-9 , speially Boys, excuse me girls please, The D Day is approaching(2 Oct 2005), oH H.... I should say the night of 1st October. Again a coincidence. Yaa.. Its our CR's Birthday and we all R waiting for the day(night). Pachauri Our dynamic CR is awaiting for the moment to arrive too. We all will make the night a remembering one for him.Pachauri Get ready and....... don't Panic! Best of Luck!

Laha sir going famous with IIMs

"There's no question that the degree is becoming more important in India. Since the economy's liberalization in the early 1990s and the proliferation of profitable outsourcing companies, B-schools have been sprouting all over the country, with more than 1,100 now in India, says Arnab Laha, assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad."


click at the link and press Ctrl+F and search for Laha

Some info aboout him for MBA 8 and MBA 9

"Professor Arnab Laha has joined the Institute as Visiting Assistant Professor in the P & QM Area. He has Ph.D. from the Indian Statistical Institute. Prior to this, he obtained the M.Stat. degree from the same institute. Before joining lIMA, he taught at the National Institute of Management, Calcutta now Army Institute of Management, Kolkata and also taught at lIMA as visiting faculty.

Prof. Laha has wide ranging interest in statistics and its applications to various disciplines. Some of his a…

Tasvir of Da Day

Director sir ki Gaddi, Barish mein Bhig gayi


Finally, my summer project report is over , (Mehnat rang lai) which has bothered me for last few weeks....
Because of which I couldn’t able to write any new blog........sleep properly…etc…
I'm getting…kind of relaxed feelings, but still i can feel the after effects of long hardwork… my head is still spinning coz I continuously worked for hours on my project since morning, yeah I know what you are thinking….about breaks…

In the mean time I’d many breaks like
Breakfast>>Internal exams>>Attended Meeting for improvement of net speed which always crawls(I'm part of student council, you know..)
>> lunch>>Evening tea with pakodas>>Dinner>>Milk (And also breaks includes all those things You know...#&%$#)

I was so busy with project report that I haven’t changed my dress since morning.. it is 3:12 am now…. still I’m in the same dress...

Right now I’m thinking about the Puja holidays and..…..
Good night…ooops Nimc/AiM mein kabhi raat nahin hoti ha…

Space Jam

Rising Devil


Necessity is the mother of Invention

Makin a living out of blogging....

This was an interesting thing which i came to know thru one of the article in Business World magazine.

there's a person "Mr. Kennedi" who was asked by his boss to choose between his job or blog....he chosed latter n is really happy with his decision as he has now started earning thru his blogs by consultin in Astrology...

he used to work with sify n manage their astro section....also he consults thru various other portals like rediff, yahoo,etc wherein he gets only30-50% of thru his blog he consults without any intermediaries n earn 100%...also a doctor stared consulting takin a cue frm him, blogging has open up an informal way 2 business besides expressing ur thoughts ...

Tough Day...

Today was very tough day, till morning it was fine, I had paratha in our Mess then i came here at net lab to check out new mails after that i tried to put some new codes for new features in our LIfe at AIM-K blog everything was going smoothly and then i went outside but when i came back I found that somehow our blog was'nt working, i'd checked, double checked, triple checked........ but i could'nt able to figure out the problem, it took me hrs to find out the problem actually whole code somehow changed, somehow one extra link addded in front of every link and in my site if you go through you will find out there are so many links... today i learnt a lesson that it is always better to keep back ups......

Get Great Feeling !

I got this in my mail today. Bless the soul who sent it to me. I love doing this and now I know there are people who love this even more to use their programming and designing skills to develop such marvellous pastimes. I remember having done this for hours together, when I was a kid. Have a good time. LOL


How you like the reincarnation of AIM-K Blog, do let me know through your comments.

Few new things are-
1) Simple and Fresh Look.
2) B Schools and IITs student's blog directories .
3) Study reference links .
4) MOre to come - give me your suggestions.

AIM AGE - Let the cool things happen

Damn, the placements are coming up and so are the bloody exams. The way we lost many soldiers in action in the exams earlier, Pray we survive this
ICE AGE , my fellow countrymen.

Innovative Ideas

I got this from

Well just got a mail consisting of the funny one liners....seems people hv got very funny and innovative ideas to sell their products and services......

# Sign on a railway station in Patna:
Aana free, jaana free, Pakde gaye to khana free.

#Seen on a famous parlour in Mumbai:
Don't whistle at the girl going out from here.
She may be your grandmother

# Seen on a bulletin board:
Success is relative
More the success, more the relatives.

# Sign at barber's saloon in Juhu, Mumbai:
We need your heads to run our business.

#A traffic slogan:
Don't let your kids drive if they are not old enough - or else they, never will be ...

#Seen at a Coffin maker shop:
People are dying to use our services!!

#The last & the best one from the Indian Armed Forces:
"It's God's responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations.
It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and god".



A British Diplomat paid a courtesy visit to Lalloojee.

During a Garden party at the Palace, he thought of
Lalloojee with the following magic of numbers.

He said, "Your excellency,
Look at the value of the alphabet:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26

Now, look at this Sir, if we calculate together it
will be:

8 1 18 4 23 15 18 11 = 98 % Only

11 14 15 23 12 5 4 7 5 = 96 % Only

12 15 2 2 25 9 14 7 = 86 % Only

12 21 3 11 = 47 % Only

Sir, you should look at the final one, which is most

1 20 20 9 20 21 4 5 = 100 %

Sir, do you find it useful?

This magic can work on your people to improve
themselves, increase
productivity, and make your Kingdom prosperous.

Sir, I can arrange to send our experts to coach your
people. We can do
t in less than a year"

Lalloojee thought for a while; and said,

"I have better formula. See this....…


Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of '05(m-ca5:ba8:ba9)... wear sunscreen.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be IT.

The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.

I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, in 20 years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.

You are NOT as fat as you imagine.

Don't worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at …

Top 10 cheap marketing ploys to increase sales

Professional Excellence – Colloquium16.09.2005

Today we had colloquia in our institute.

We'd Invited Mr. Subhendu K. Mitra to share his views upon
Professional Excellence
Mr. S.K. Mitra is president of Reliance Infocomm India Pvt. Ltd.

According to him-
“Professional excellence is the term which means that how we do better and achieves best things in our professional life.
There are four traits which needed to be take care of in order to achieve professional excellence.

1) Quality Appreciation
2) Team work
3) Communication
4) Time Management

Quality Appreciation
It is very important to appreciate quality in today's world like - if you get option of electronics device between Japanese and Chinese company which would you choose.... without any doubt we go for Japanese, now days Japan has becomes the synonyms of quality. Unfortunately in India we don't give that much importance to quality but there are several sectors like specially Knowledge base sector like IT industry which is doing very well in terms of quality.

Team work
Now day…

My quest for Blog !!

Now days i'm on my web log quest....
to make my web presence... i thought that i sould have my own blog which is the easiest way to publish your
So i 1st tried and created


while making sacredmatrix's ( blog i thought i should make it simple and attracting, it should'nt be like ordinary blogger's blog..
so i searched for the template in google and i found template at-

but there i faced many problems,
like it was'nt showing author's name etc.. so i looked for the help......

i seek help from a web logger, Tama Leaver who is using the same template and modifed it....

so i wrote Tama Leaver and he helped me a lot..

at the mean time i wrote to Aji Sir (our Alumni) and made a request for my personal blog.....and after so many things..
Finally i got my own Blog...... www.i…

Gunahon ke badshah

lootela hai lootela!!!!!
"Never judge a senior before u actually eat out with them ".
( yeh ek sachhi kahani, piditt junioron ki zubaani)
we went like hungry tigers to our very own ,G.P but for us in store were dacoits of A.I.M, and the sardar of group was our very own CHATTO SIR, n, NAIR SIR. laga na jhatka.......
yes peoples, hamare muh se double ande tadke ka ek ek nivala chheen liya.....
hum kuch na keh saake! humne sirf aur sirf us atyachaar ko saha, bhaiyon aur unki behno........
sab gatak gaye aur dakaar bhi na li,socho hum pe kya beeti hogi..........

aa gaye na aankhon mein aasun...........
humme insaaf do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alumni..Dance Party.....

Went to a Alumni Dance party last night.....
People were drinking. And if that wasn't bad enough, people got drunk.
Some people acted more drunk than they really were,
and some people acted less drunk than they should have been.

Many drinkers were 1st time drinkers, tried alcohol first time in their life, not even just tried but they tried it really hard (5-7 pegs)......
I'd Left drinking 4 years (beer only...... never tried hard drinks everbefore..and never will..)...... recenlty left Cold Drinks also (its not good for health)......

I'm not a hard drinker but i'm a hardcore really hard..till the last breath in my body..... but last night i'd dance lightly and preserved energy to the last moment of party....

We got DJ Hitesh at the party

Our Alumni coordinators(Anil And Chatto) organised alumni meet very well....Hurray
(three cheers for them)
Everybody enjoyed the party...

really good work on alumni meet; keep up

it was a grt show organized by our batchees especially Anil n Ashish....congrats 2 them; a lot of alumni turned this time which shows the success of the party, food, arrangements --everythin was upto mark
good work guys; keep up

awesome alumni meet night

The college building was sparkling, alumni chaos here and there buses, bikes. large gathering was observed. DJ night, everybody was dancing on western and indian music, everyone was njoing. Nice dinner was served, there was a huge gatehring last night..
I congratulate all MBA-8 students for making alumni meet a success..
congratulate to all.


I would like to congratulate all the seniors and alumni of AIM for making the 10 september a memorable day in AIM. The MBA9 batch enjoyed the evenrs and the dance party. The intraction with alumni in LH2 was great. The arrangements were flawless and the management of the events was great.

Awesome Job Done

Great work, great effort, great organising, great coordination.
The work done by Anil & Chatto the alumni coordinators, has been enormously appreciated and complimented by all seniors and all the sweat put into it came out to be truly worthwhile.
Keep up the job people.


Rules For Posting !!

Here are some rules for postingPlease do not post any- Quote Syari GK stuff..
for these things you can use www.sacredmatrix.tkIrrelevant posts will be deleted without any warning...and please do not vomit your personal grudges over here...... And don't use it as notice board..for distribution of class notes.... What you can post?Everything related to AIM (but it should be created by u'r own not just copy and pasted)
Posts like... what are the things going on in AIM( like preparation of different activities for Convocation and Nostalgia)Your views and experience related to AIM..(library,mess,birthdays,classesetc..)you can post GK stuff.. but created by you...not copied from anotherIn simple words..posts authentic posts related to AIM Life Style..And ofcourse you can post all those things what is going around the world but in your own what you feel about that particualar thing..And Please your own common sense yaar...and your creativity..Happy PostingRajesh Kumar Ra…

The Passion Of Pepsi

Last Night there was a passion inside the student of AIM,specially inside of MCA 5 And MBA 8 studentsOfPepsiFor Naveen Sharma...People came up with new tools of pepsi which has never been seen before likeIron Chain, Bamboo Stick, Shotput 12 pound wieght ball etc...I would like to wish Naveen Sharma...Happy Birthday...

Basketball practice match

Right now i'm coming from basketball court after having a tight practice match against Jha and Prabhu they play really well…but we won the match at the end…..

During match I got pissed off coz of some unknown person who entered into the game and start superimposing his orders... I play basketball.. the way I like it.. I don’t like that someone whom I even don’t know come and start messing around… at one point I got so pissed off that I wasn’t feeling playing anymore..
But controlled myself…

I don’t sometimes what happens to me…..

Hi people

Hi people, 7th Sep. another boring day in AIMK. Café should open soon, life sucks without it.
The council should get an outdoor trip organized for MBA 8 and try once for God`s sake keeping aside the pessimistic attitude. Say what all you guys lets head towards it.
Give ideas man, I feel Nicco Park or Diga or Aquatica would be cool.
Bought books from college street today. Had samosas, 6 of them and rasgullas too.
My roomie not well man.. pray for him.
Lot of puppies in AIM, I made video of one on my pc over lan check it out damn adorable.
Wanna watch a movie in college??? Tell me bout it.
Tiwari gave an awesome load of technical crap in class today, ripped everyone apart I got so F@#$^%$ lost man. But had to support it man cause he was in my team.
Anyways Mohi wearing funny shirt today, and was about to kill Tiwari in class today.
Damn cool
OK then have funn

Tonight is Pepsi Night

|| Happy Birthday to Me ||
Naveen Sharma
Nasim Bhai


Eighth September 19XX is the day when I first opened my eyes in this world…

I never forget this day and I always wanted to make this day(08sept) a great day of my life…


I invite all MBA 8+9 & MCA 5 to make this day a great remembrance….of my life..

Please make it so great day that I could never be able to forget it.. even if I try to forget.. I will recall this day with the pains and marks of Pepsi of my B…..s..

Pepsi Ceremony

Day : Tonight
Time : 00:00 AM
Venue: Es 0ne(S1)
Tools: Bare hands(with oils), Chappels, Belts, Wickets, Shot put, more….(whatever you
…….like I love everything)

Personal Request:

Please don’t miss pepsi ceremony and remember that those who don’t give me pepsi… I’ll never talk to that person…forever and ever….

Melli peppshe celemoney mein jalool aanaa.. nahinn to mein nalaz ho jaoonga…

From Yours
One and only one…and only one…..
Naveen Sharma

Humara library

NIMC....sorry i havent yet got used to AIM(reminds me of itc matchboxes) a great place,u should only know how to enjoy here.
we have a great library ......the parakhu mca guys can study as much as they want,any one can discuss stuff freely despite a dozen notices regarding maintaining silence put up on every wall, .... and for others like me its not the books but the ac--is really good and i cherish my afternoon/morning/any time naps there on the whole it serves multiple purposes so i propose that the name be changed from the library to multipurpose room.

When will this night get over ?

I am not able to sleep for nights because some thing is disturbing me in my dreams and whenever I encounter it I always get up. They are creatures of god wild but cute, ugly and dangerous, they are snakes they haunt me all through my sleep now I have made them my pet and play with them when ever I encounter them thus i enjoy my sleep now.

Moral- if ur afraid of some thing make him ur friend u will enjoy there after

Sleepless Night

Last night,

I couldn’t able to sleep properlyI went early to my bed around 00:00 AM because i go for morning walk at 6:30 in command hospital complex...But something was bothering me..

1st I’d thought that sounds from my adjacent room (S1) was bothering me… not letting me to have tight sleep..But later I realized that it is a feeling... feeling of excitement, which is not letting me, to go to the world of dreams where everything is possible..

Well I was excited about the possibilities and the things, which I wanted to do with the blog that I’d created…I was keep thinking about the use of blog..L

ater I get up and went to Varad’s room because we don’t have computer in our room (1st we had two but both of them are now out of station)I went to varad’s room where I’d told him about the new blog that I’d opened for our institute’s students.. he also got very excited and he’d created his own blog and post his 1st blog in AIM-k blog.....

then came back to my room (S2)...and went to bed but still …

My 1st Blog

Hi people,

This is the first blog that I'm posting on this site. Its been precisely 1 year since we got our freshers welcome and feel awesome about being here and lived it, lived - the AIM way.
Today i have made my own blog and the add for the thing would be...

I really feel the council here must organise a trip ouside for the MBA 8 dudes and sisters.
Rest of the goodies go long the way they all have, the sexy food at GP the chilling out at night the tea ouside and the Warden of course.

I ask the MBA 9 to get on it now and start posting , and to do so contact me on my e-mail.

Aasta La Vista

Varad Kalia

Pre-Placement Work

Now days our pre-placement work is going on.. Which is conducting by our

Placement officer Mr. D.Roy Chaudhuri...

It takes place every Monday and Tuesday till today they'd took English and quantitative aptitude test. But I think they should give more emphasis on improving the communication skills which very much important during PI and Gds
They should conduct objective type questions, which should be based upon our subjects like of marketing, finance, HR and systems also General knowledge questions based on these subjects...
well suggestions are many but implementation...of the suggestions is the main question..

Army Institute of Management, kolkata (AIM Kolkata)

About AIM Kolkata

The Army Institute of Management (Formerly, National Institute of Management Calcutta) (NIMC) was established on 28 July 1997 by the Indian Army under the aegis of Army Welfare Education Society (AWES), New Delhi, to conduct state-of-art Management Programme for the wards of Army personnel with an opportunity for the general candidates as well. The eco-friendly campus is spreaded over nine acres of land at Alipore, in the heart of the City of Joy. Name of the Institute has been changed to Army Institute of Management, Kolkata with effect from 11 Feb 2005.

Army Institute of Management, Kolkata
Judges Court Road, Opposite Alipore Telephone Exchange,
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