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Happy Independence Day

Celebrating 60 years of Independence

Brand Management

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City MBA massage

Companies looking to recruit young managers should be head-hunting in Mumbai and Calcutta first, a survey says while making the “eye-opening” revelation that less than a fourth of the country’s B-school graduates are employable.

MeritTrac Services, India’s largest skills assessment company, has found MBA graduates from Calcutta the second-best in quality after those from Mumbai.

The budding managers from Calcutta put up “consistent performance across various tests”, says the study that sampled 800-odd graduates from 55 B-schools across six cities.

Delhi came third, followed by Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. The graduates from Delhi put up an “indifferent performance”, the survey says, adding that the national capital leads in sheer numbers, being the “biggest contributor to the fresh talent pool” in India.

The study, which tested graduates on “abilities” and “communication skills”, however, paints a dismal picture of the overall quality.

The findings complement those of a recent Univers…

Water - The Crisis of 21st Century

"Water is life, Water is death"

Water is one of the most precious elements of life on the planet. It is critical for satisfying the basic human needs, health, food production, energy and maintenance of regional and global ecosystems.

Over 70% of the human body is made up of water. A human being may survive without food for several days but water deprivation can kill a person within a matter of hours.

Life is, therefore, tied to water, as it is tied to air and food. And food is indeed tied to water.

Water could well be the only natural resource to touch all aspects of human civilization.

"No single measure would do more to reduce disease and save lives in the developing world than bringing safe water and adequate sanitation" (Kofi Annan).

Issues of food or health or sanitation, environment or cities or energy production, the 21st century has to deal with water quality and management.

Yet, while water sustains life, it can also cause deaths if contaminated. Some of the dead…


"Its Our Time now..."

ByVivek Upadhyay, MBA 10

Defining India
A dreamland with peace and brotherhood ingrained in all the souls, where sentiments, human emotions and relations carry meaning and are prioritized; where sufferers, indigent and benefited are always helped. We all walk hand-in-hand and face all troubles happily and boldly. This is what actually our nation is.

We hold in our hands the destiny of our motherland. The dream of a united India which is recognized respected and admired by the whole world. The picture of the nation defined as above was the vision and a sweet dream in the eyes of those great freedom fighters, the people who sacrificed their lives just for the cause of the nation and for us ‘the youth of present’. We, The Young generation, the present countrymen must be ashamed of ourselves as we have failed miserably on fulfilling the dreams of those great souls. In my opinion we have ruined our nation and destroyed their dreams which they had seen and…

Support Child RIghts

"The Most Difficult Game is about to begin"

Sameena Arif, MBA 10
We all love Children, isn't it? We all like to see them illuminating this world with their smiles, but how many of us like to see emaciated children with dull eyes? Children with muddy faces and rough hands, children who were never pampered, who never had that spark in their eyes that expresses the zest for life. There are children who are caressed by their mothers and are made to take healthy diet and there are some who are made to earn for a single meal a day if they chose to survive. Yes, this is also real side to this beautiful picture of a smiling child; child labour is a reality in India and it shouldn’t come to everyone as shock, for this is evident from the little shop we pass by on the neighbouring street or from every other household where little children are kept as domestic help. Now, the choice to ignore this side of the story or to spare a thought to it is ours.

Let us see, what our government …